5 BBQ Tips To Remember

Making the perfect smoked brisket can be tough, but we're here to give you 5 tips to help make your next smoked meat turn out fabulous.

1. Let the meat be the main focus.

The whole point of barbecuing is to let your meat shine. Don't try to overload it with seasonings and binders. The seasonings should enhance the flavor of the meat. 

2. Shake up your seasoning bottles.

Sometimes the heavier seasonings settle down to the bottom, like pepper. Shaking up your seasoning bottle will ensure that your meat has plenty of each spice in your bottle.

3. Season ribs one hour before they go in.

You don't want to season your ribs too early. If you season your ribs too early, the seasonings will draw out the moisture needed during the smoking process. Try to season your ribs about an hour before they go into the smoker. 

4. Use all of your senses.

Sure, you can see how your meat is cooking just by looking, but of course, you need to use all of your sense when cooking. Taste test your seasoning mix. Listen to the sizzle of the meat on the grill. Your sense of smell will also help when smoking a meat. 

5. Get air on your meat if it's overcooked.

If your meat is overcooked, it's important that you get air on it to help it cool down and stop the cooking process. Another tip for overcooked meat is to slice it thicker than you normally would. If the meat is undercooked, slice it thinner.