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Milwaukee & 50th

Pork Rib Plate


1/2 Rack of Ribs

(1) Side | 82nd St.:Potato Salad Coleslaw Macaroni Salad Loaded Tater Salad Baked Potato (select Bake Potato toppings) Onion Rings Rosemary French Fries Pinto Beans Green Chile Cream Corn Mac-N-Cheese Fried Okra Original Lays Potato Chips
Drinks:Root Beer Pink Lemonade Blue Powerade Coca-cola Diet Coke Dr. Pepper Diet Dr. Pepper Sprite Unsweet Tea Sweet Tea
Add a Side | 82nd St:Potato Salad +$2.79Coleslaw +$2.79Macaroni Salad +$2.79Loaded Tater Salad +$2.79Baked Potato (select Bake Potato toppings) +$2.79Onion Rings +$2.79Rosemary French Fries +$2.79Pinto Beans +$2.79Green Chile Cream Corn +$2.79Mac-N-Cheese +$2.79Fried Okra +$2.79Original Lays Potato Chips +$2.79

Milwaukee & 50th

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