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Large Group Menu - Large Group Menu
Milwaukee & 50th

Just the Basics- 2 Meat Plates

$11.95/Person - 10 Person Minimum.
Two meats of your choice served with pinto beans, choice of salad, condiments, serving utensils and Texas bread.

1 Person $11.95
Meat (Select 2):Pork Spare Ribs +$2Chicken +$1Original Sausage Spicy Sausage Pulled Pork Ham Turkey Breast Sliced Brisket +$0.75Chopped Brisket +$0.75
Salads (Select 1):Creamy Coleslaw Macaroni Salad Traditional Potato Salad Loaded Tater Salad +$1
Paper Goods Options (Select At Least 1):No Paper Goods Plates Plasticware Serving Utensils

Milwaukee & 50th

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