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All- Inclusive Group Meals- 1 Meat Plates

$13.95/Person - 10 Person Minimum.
One meat of your choice served with potato salad, coleslaw, pinto beans, pickles, onions, jalapenos, sauce, Texas bread, plasticware, serving utensils, plates, bowls, cups, ice, tea, and your choice of cobbler.

1 Person $13.95
Meat (Select 1):Pork Spare Ribs +$2Chicken +$1Original Sausage Spicy Sausage Pulled Pork Ham Turkey Breast Sliced Brisket +$1.50Chopped Brisket +$1.50
Tea Style (Select At Least 1):Unsweet Tea Sweet Tea
Dessert Selection (Select At Least 1):Apple Cobbler Peach Cobbler Cherry Cobbler Blackberry Cobbler +$0.50
Paper Goods Options (Select At Least 1):No Paper Goods Plates Plasticware Serving Utensils


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